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Walk-in Coolers

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Walk In Cooler Features (Built to ANY Size)

Anyone who owns a successful restaurant or convenience store is sure to need a walk in cooler. Walk in coolers are a convenient way to store large quantities of product at the proper temperature. You can install your walk in cooler in your store, in the basement or even directly outside of your establishment with access from within your business. Bush Refrigeration can provide the most efficient, high quality walk in panels and refrigeration custom to your needs. With over 100 years of combined experience, our salesmen are experts in determining the proper size of not only your walk in cooler but also the size of the refrigeration that you will need based on the product that you will be storing. We can provide you with a variety of sizes and the walk in cooler prices that match your needs. Bush Refrigeration is ready to custom engineer your project, whether it is a 6' X 6' or a 60' X 80' walk in cooler – and every one of our customers is of equal importance – no matter what the size of your walk in refrigeration unit! No wonder over 40% of our customers come back to Bush Refrigeration for their refrigeration needs!

Walk In Cooler Feature Details

  • Indoor and outdoor condensing units
  • Diamond plate and heavy duty reinforced flooring available
  • Attractive Lease/Purchase programs for Walk In Coolers available
  • Coast to coast delivery and installation*of Walk In Coolers available
  • Best refrigeration warranties in the industry
  • Newest EPA-approved freons and refrigerants
  • Interior and exterior ramps
  • All equipment UL Approved
  • Heavy duty exterior and interior finishes including stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Several types of doors are available, including extra wide manual and electric sliding doors, bi-parting doors, as well as glass display doors
  • Complete hardware and accessories including meat rails and adjustable multi-tier metal shelving
  • The latest computer technology enables us to custom-engineer even the most complicated project
  • All Commercial Walk In Coolers are designed for maximum energy efficiency

*Our equipment is installed by preferred installers in out of state transactions. The installers are not subcontractors or agents of Bush Refrigeration.