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Fish / Seafood Freezers

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Fish and Seafood Walk-In Freezer

High humidity is essential when storing fish and seafood in a Walk-In or Reach-In freezer. Customize your freezer to the exact temperature and humidity levels you need for your fish and seafood inventory. These freezers are made to order so you can easily match them to your existing floor plan. Our Fish and Seafood freezers come in special applications and finishes to perfectly suite your business.

Manual Slider

Single or double, easily

Electric Slider

Motorized single or double, high speed parting action.


Galvanized, Black, white

Interior Ramp

Ramp incorporated into the cooler/freezer floor

Exterior Ramp

Ramp on the exterior of the cooler/freezer

Manual/Electric Doors

Wide variety of slide, bi-parting and overhead doors for all applications

Strip Curtains

Transparent plastic strips perfect for applications where door is left open for easy access

Membrane Roof

For outdoor walk in boxes



Wire shelving

Black or White epoxy coated

View Port Windows

Glass portal for viewing inside of cooler/freezer

Outdoor Condensing Unit

Assembly of compressor, condenser, fan motor, and controls for cooling/freezing, with outdoor controls

Walk in Evaporator Coils

Fin Coat Evaporator Coils

In addition to building walk in freezers to suit your needs, the standard sizes below are part of our quick-ship program. These walk-in freezers are available to ship within 3 to 5 business days. Contact us today for more details.

Quick Ship Freezers

Nominal Size Actual Height with
Exterior Size 6 1/8" Floor
8 x 6 7'-9 3/8" x 5'-10 1/4" 8'
8 x 8 7'-9 3/8" x 7'-9 3/8" 8'
8 x 10 7'-9 3/8" x 9'-9 3/8" 8'
8 x 12 7'-9 3/8" x 11'-8 1/2" 8'
8 x 14 7'-9 3/8" x 13'-8 1/2" 8'
8 x 16 7'-9 3/8" x 15'-7 5/8" 8'
8 x 18 7'-9 3/8" x 17'-7 5/8" 8'
8 x 20 7'-9 3/8" x 19'-6 3/4" 8'

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