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Display Walk In Coolers & Freezers


Display Walk In Coolers & Freezers Features

Our Built-to-Order Display Walk-In coolers and freezers combine glass door display lineups with storage areas behind them.  This allows your employees to stock the display shelves from inside the Walk-In without disturbing your customers.  Bush Display Walk-Ins can be built as coolers, freezers, or a combination of both.  We specialize in building Display Walk-Ins for any application in any size and configuration for your existing floor plan.  We can build any shape box including “L” shaped, “U” shaped, and angled Walk-Ins.  We can also build your box around obstructions like columns and poles.  Our modular panel design allows for future expansion as your business grows.  We use the finest Walk-In panels built in the USA.  Our high quality glass doors are available in many sizes and configurations for a clear well lit view of your products.  All refrigeration systems are individually engineered for your cooling and freezing needs.  Call our refrigeration specialists with your requirements and we will put together a Display Walk-In package with a price that can’t be beat.

Our Built-to-order Walk-Ins Feature

  • Our Display Walk-Ins are built to your specification
  • Beer caves are our specialty
  • "L" shape coolers utilize all of your available space
  • Reinforced panels for additional strength
  • Energy efficient refrigeration systems
  • LED lighting
  • Fastest delivery
  • All Bush Walk-Ins are NSF approved

Normal Temp Glass Doors

Heated Frames, Non Heated Glass, 2 or 3 pane.

Heated Glass Doors

Heated Frames and Heated Glass, for high humidity application.

Glass Entry Doors

Available in all glass or 1/3 glass, kick plates and push bars are optional.

Beer Cave Doors

Fully automated large glass door entry system.

Lighting options for glass doors

LED, Optimax

Manual Slider

Single or double, easily

Electric Slider

Motorized single or double, high speed parting action.

Roll Mart

Extra display for behind your glass entry door, easily rolls for access


Galvanized, Black, white

Interior Ramp

Ramp incorporated into the cooler/freezer floor

Exterior Ramp

Ramp on the exterior of the cooler/freezer

Manual/Electric Doors

Wide variety of slide, bi-parting and overhead doors for all applications

Strip Curtains

Transparent plastic strips perfect for applications where door is left open for easy access

Membrane Roof

For outdoor walk in boxes



Wire shelving

Black or White epoxy coated

View Port Windows

Glass portal for viewing inside of cooler/freezer

Outdoor Condensing Unit

Assembly of compressor, condenser, fan motor, and controls for cooling/freezing, with outdoor controls

Top Mount Refrigeration System

Self-contained drop in refrigeration system

Rack Systems

High efficiency stacked condensing units

Walk in Evaporator Coils

Reach in Evaporator Coils

Low Velocity Evaporator Coils

Warehouse Evaporator Coils

Fin Coat Evaporator Coils

Minimum Space Required
(Actual Dimensions May Vary)
# of Doors 30-1/4" x 79-1/4" 26-3/4" x 79-1/4"
Door Size Door Size
1 3' 6-13/16" 3' 3-5/16"
2 6' 1-1/4" 5' 6-1/4"
3 8' 7-11/16" 7' 9-13/16"
4 11' 2-1/8" 10' 1/8"
5 13' 8-9/16" 12' 3-1/16"
6 16' 4-1/8" 14' 7-1/8"
7 18' 10-9/16" 16' 10-1/16"
8 21' 5" 19' 1"
9 23' 11-7/16" 21' 3-15/16"
10 26' 5-7/8" 23' 6-7/8"
11 29' 1-7/16" 25' 10-15/16"
12 31' 7-7/8" 28' 1-7/8"
13 34' 2-5/16" 30' 4-13/16"
14 36' 8-3/4" 32' 7-3/4"
15 39' 3-3/16" 34' 10-11/16"
16 10' 10-3/4" 37' 2-3/4"
17 44' 5-3/16" 39' 5-11/16"
18 46' 11-5/8" 41' 8-5/8"
19 49' 6-1/16" 44' 11-9/16"
20 52' 1/2" 46' 1/2"

The above door sizes are the most popular but other sizes are available to accommodate your needs. If you require more than 20 doors we can also provide you the information upon request.

Display Walk In Coolers & Freezers BluePrints

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